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January 22, 2013
Frank Reed Why Marketers Should Fear Mobile Marketing
By Frank Reed
Earlier this week, I saw a piece of data that, if accurate or even half accurate, is something that every Internet marketer should fear in the same way that a kid fears the dentist. “What?” you ask. Well, kids (and many adults for that matter) are scared to death of the dentist. Why is that? It’s because they think they know what the dentist is going to do but they fear what else the dentist could do without the least bit of warning. They could go to see the dentist for a simple cleaning but in that time the dentist could find trouble. Once that trouble is found, it is impossible to measure what will happen, but most kids who have any experience know that it can be extremely unpleasant. You know why. Needles and drills and that smell. Yeah, the smell.

Well, it’s a lot less dramatic but just as painful that in mobile marketing there is something that marketers should truly fear. That is something that is quite possibly unmeasurable. No matter how hard you try you may never get a real number attached to something that [...]

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