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March 4, 2013
Ruth Stevens Referrals: The Best New Business You Can Get
By Ruth Stevens
Hands down, the best new leads come from referrals. These prospects are likely to be highly qualified, since someone close to you thinks they might be a good fit. Even better, the implied endorsement means the prospect is going to give you at least some serious consideration. So close rates on referred leads tend to be high. And since they cost you next to nothing, the ROI on referrals is stellar. The only problem is: you can’t expect to meet your sales quota through referral alone. But what can you do to pump up your referral rate, and get more of these gems?

Plenty. Here are four tips for generating more leads through referral.

Ask, often. Business people have a natural tendency to be helpful to their colleagues. It’s just the way business works. So most of your customers and contacts are generally predisposed to give you a referral. But you have to ask. Review all your touchpoints, inbound and outbound, and add a referral request wherever it’s reasonable to do so. Think about your email footers, your [...]

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