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March 20, 2013
Jim Connolly How to compete successfully in a crowded marketplace
By Jim Connolly
I’d like to take a moment, to talk to you about your competitors – even if you think you don’t have any!

I have always been an advocate of moving away from the direct competition model of business. My model is about developing a business, which is very different from what’s currently available in your industry and a perfect fit for your niche – those people who want exactly what you are offering. You become the only choice for a select group. It’s a rewarding and highly profitable way to grow a successful business.

More than one type of competition
However, even with my business model, I have to be aware of the other areas of competition. Whilst many people think they have just one type of competitor, they have many. Ask most small business owners about their competition and they will tell you about businesses offering a similar service to their prospective customers or clients, as they do. That’s just one of the challenges you are competing against. [...]

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