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September 18, 2013
Rohit Bhargava A Guide To Overcoming The Myth Of Content Marketing
By Rohit Bhargava
If there was a balloon made of KoolAid, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist popping it.

KoolAid – aside from being a sugary drink that is deliciously bad for you, is also an analogy many of us use to describe a situation when everyone is blindly agreeing with an idea without questioning it. This type of balloon was in danger of flying high above the heads of all the attendees of the world’s largest content marketing event this past week in Cleveland: Content Marketing World.

The event is an annual gathering place for anyone who believes in the power of content to improve marketing. On most days, I would probably fit that description too. I have often told clients that marketing works better when you are saying something substantial instead of just creating promotions. Yet spending two days sitting together in a room full of people all nodding in agreement to the same conclusion about the value of content marketing bothered me for some reason. [...]

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